Investment Management

Finding your mailbox stuffed with confusing monthly statements…not knowing if your investments are doing as well as they should be…holding onto your grandfather’s stocks because you are reluctant to pay taxes… suspecting that your “diversified” mutual fund portfolio really isn’t… questioning how objective your broker’s advice really is…or just growing frustrated with trying to chase the next investment du jour…

We take asset management seriously. After all, it is one of the most important contributions we can make to your long-term financial health.

Effective investment planning is no accident. It requires thoughtful and rigorous analysis, including adherence to tested and proven strategies and continuous monitoring of both your personal situation and your portfolio’s performance.  Financial planning is an integral part of our investment management services, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their investment accounts are structured appropriately for their individual needs.

When you hire us as an investment manager, we:

  • Develop a customized investment policy to achieve your goals.
  • Design and fund your portfolio with appropriate investments.
  • Establish the management and performance criteria for ongoing monitoring of your investment accounts.
  • Meet at least annually for an account review and revisit your investment goals.

Our account minimum for investment management is $1,000,000.